How to Get Rid of Wild Turkeys (and Keep Them Out of Your Yard)

wild turkeys in yard

Turkeys get a lot of attention in the media this time of year, what with Thanksgiving and all, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to see a bunch of gobblers strutting their stuff around your yard. Wild turkeys are not animals you typically think of as likely to turn up in your backyard. Increasingly, … Read more

25 Different Types of Cockroaches in Florida

types of cockroaches in Florida

Roaches may be a valuable part of the ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean you want them in your home. The good news is that most species of cockroach would rather avoid human structures. But what kind of roaches live in Florida? It would honestly take a small encyclopedia to list all the different cockroaches you … Read more

How to Get Rid of Relatives (and Unwanted House Guests)

get rid of relatives

“Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days” – Benjamin Franklin A great number of critters are known to be active during certain times of year, and the infamous relative is no exception. These large mammals can seem cute at first, but will quickly prove otherwise, creating an infestation that can be really difficult … Read more

Do Gophers Hibernate in Winter?

gopher winter

This is a question we get fairly often as the temperatures start dipping and homeowners are finding what appear to be fresh gopher mounds. Don’t gophers hibernate in winter to give you a break? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t straightforward. Gophers do not hibernate in the true sense, but they do have some periods of inactivity. … Read more

11 Bugs that Look Like Earwigs

bugs that look like earwigs

One of the more curious things we tend to encounter in the pest control world is just how often critters suffer from a case of mistaken identity. This can lead to homeowners buying the wrong products or paying an exterminator for a problem they could’ve taken care of themselves. This is especially true when mistaking … Read more

17 Different Types of Cockroaches in California

types of cockroaches in California

California has a lot of problems, but you probably haven’t thought about bugs being one of them. However, roaches can be found throughout the state, and we’re not talking the smokable kind. What makes this fact less apparent is the fact that most types of cockroach never bother to enter your home. There are around … Read more

9 Ways to Keep Flies Away From Your Horses

fly spray for horses

Owning horses isn’t all fun and games. For example, you have to keep up with the dreaded horse fly, not to mention other fly species whose jobs seem to include bugging your equines. Mild winter weather from March to October, especially in the Northwest, can contribute to a serious fly season. Other regions can have … Read more

Common Pests Found in Your Home (Room by Room)

pests in the house (room by room)

When you hear bumps in the night or strange sounds coming from the walls, you can’t always identify the critter without further investigation. Be they common room bugs or uncommon invading mammals, proper identification is the first step in removal.  While we wish we could give you some foolproof methods to guess the critter based … Read more

What is the Purpose of Flies? (Benefits of 13 Fly Species)

purpose of flies

One of the worst pests you can be stuck with is a fly. These annoying critters will circle around your head, land on your food or in your drink, and drive you insane with their buzzing. In fact, flies are practically neck and neck with cockroaches for the world’s most hated insect pest. But flies … Read more

How to Keep Spiders Away While Sleeping

keep spiders away while sleeping

There are many creepy-crawlies that may choose to pay you a visit in the middle of the night. But there’s a good chance that bite wasn’t caused by bed bugs. In fact, one of the many late-night visitors can be found in almost any room and happens to be a major phobia. If you guessed … Read more