13 Interesting Grasshopper Facts

grasshopper facts

Grasshoppers are an interesting lot. They can be a pest in gardens or even a threat to farms, so getting rid of grasshoppers is often necessary. However, they also hold a high place in world cultures. There’s a lot to talk about with these critters, so let’s pull up some of the most fascinating facts …

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Where do Spiders Go in the Winter?

where do spiders go in the winter?

One of the most controversial household critters, spiders are both beneficial and (depending on the species) dangerous. But where do spiders go in the winter, when their primary food source has either gone into hibernation or died out? The answer to this depends upon the species, and sometimes also the circumstances. Do Spiders Die in …

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9 Most Common House Spiders

common house spiders

“Step into my parlour,” said the spider to the fly. Unfortunately for you, this spider’s parlour happens to be your living room. Most common house spiders will set up shop where food’s available, and can become unwanted guests – especially come winter. Some species are harmless to humans and will generally stay out of the …

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