What Sound Does a Skunk Make Before It Sprays?

You catch a glimpse of a furry black-and-white creature waddling through your backyard at night. Memories of the watching a Saturday morning cartoon featuring Pepe Le Pew flood your mind, and you half-expect an adorable “le mew!” Instead, your curiosity is met with an ominous snake-like hiss as the skunk stomps aggressively. This surprising reaction … Read more

Can You Kill a Cockroach By Stepping on It? (and Should You?)

step on cockroach barefoot

When dealing with bugs in the home, your first instinct is to either run or kill them. Squashing tends to be the preferred method for killing a wide range of pests, such as the housefly or (if you’re skilled enough) fleas. But can you step on a cockroach to kill it, and is it even … Read more

Raccoon Living In Your Chimney? (Here’s What To Do and NOT Do)

raccoon in chimney

Raccoons think of chimneys as a perfect condominium, similar to the hollowed out tree they normally make their homes in. So it’s no surprise when they find an uncapped chimney with no other raccoons inside, they’re tempted to take up residence and you wind up with a raccoon in your chimney. Sometimes it’s a solitary … Read more

How Long Does it Take for Bed Bug Eggs to Hatch?

bed bug eggs hatch

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about infestations, it’s that pests are like icebergs – the part you see is only a tiny percentage of the whole. This is even more true of bed bugs, since it can be hard to spot even one bed bug without discovering their bites, their frass, or doing a … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Live in Carpet?

can bed bugs live in carpet

One of the biggest mistakes people make when exposed to bed bugs is to assume the infestation will be restricted to their bed. In reality, infestations can happen anywhere in the house. The only reason these pests tend to congregate in the bedroom is because that’s where the food is. But this can pose a … Read more

How to Get Roaches Out of Your Printer (and Keep Them Out)

cockroach in printer

When you first discovered an infestation, you probably never thought you’d need to know how to get roaches out of electronics or appliances. Unfortunately, these are some of the most common nesting spots for these little nasties. One common victim is your printer, which can easily malfunction from an infestation. Why Roaches Are Attracted to … Read more

Can Kerosene Kill Cockroaches?

kerosene tank

Roaches are one of the most dreaded household pests out there. They can contaminate food, cause allergies, and even spread diseases. Even worse, cockroaches have a reputation for being nearly indestructible. This has led to many people using kerosene as a DIY pesticide for cockroaches. But does this remedy work, and should you use it? … Read more

How to Remove a Bird (and Its Nest) From Your Vent

bird nest in vent

Have you heard odd noises coming from your bathroom vent? Or seen birds flying in and out of one? Maybe you’ve noticed nesting materials poking out? If so, you’re not the only one dealing with uninvited feathered guests. Lots of homeowners discover that birds view many exterior vents as perfect spots to build nests. These … Read more

Hornet Nest vs Wasp Nest (How to Spot the Difference)

hornet nest vs wasp nest

Bees, wasps, and hornets – three stinging insect types that can pose a lot of problems when they set up home on your property. But while bees can certainly sting, it’s the wasps and hornets most people fear. However, when you find a nest on your property, it’s not always easy to tell just what … Read more

Does Coconut Oil Repel Bugs? (Or Does It Attract Them?)

coconut oil for bugs

Coconut oil has become a very popular item for everything from cooking to hygiene. But did you know it might actually work to repel various bugs? Before you go out and buy a tub for pest control, be warned it can also attract some critters. Let’s take a closer look at when you may or … Read more