Average Bed Bug Exterminator Cost (and 10 Questions to Ask)

bed bug exterminator cost

Of all the pests out there, bed bugs are one of the most feared and frustrating to deal with. These tiny critters are most often associated with the bedroom, but are capable of infesting your entire home. Depending on the level of infestation, you might be brave enough to tackle these pests on your own … Read more

9 Ways to Keep Flies Away From Your Horses

fly spray for horses

Owning horses on your property is not always a walk in the park as you have to keep up with flies including the dreaded horse fly as well as other insects. Mild winter weather from March to October, especially in the Northwest, can contribute to a serious fly season. Other regions can have violent biting … Read more

Common Pests Found in Your Home (Room by Room)

pests in the house (room by room)

When you hear bumps in the night or strange sounds coming from the walls, you don’t always have the ability to identify the critter without further investigation. In fact, sometimes you have very little to go on, making it difficult to know what products to buy or whether you need to hire a professional. While … Read more

Bed Bug Infestation in the Bedroom? (Here’s What To Do)

bed bugs in bedroom

We talk a lot about certain critters on this site, some far more than others due to the number of species or difficulty in control involved. A perfect example of this is the infamous bed bug. When you hear the term, you likely immediately associate the words bites and bombs, but that’s only part of … Read more

15 Different Types of Crickets

types of crickets

While we sometimes want/need to get rid of them, crickets play an important role in maintaining balance in our ecosystem and have additional benefits. Throughout history, they’ve been kept as pets, seen as a symbol of good fortune, and even used as a major food source. That’s right, per ounce, crickets have twice as much … Read more

Is It a Bee, Wasp, or Hornet? (Stinging Insect Identification)


One of (if not THE) most important critters to have in your yard or garden is the bee. However, there are over 15,000 known species across seven families, not to mention the wasps which resemble bees in appearance but are in a different order. Some of these critters are quite beneficial (and even critical) to … Read more

9 Different Types of Roaches (Found in the US)

types of roaches

You’re probably thinking, “If it’s a roach, and it’s in my house, why should I care what type it is?” The unfortunate answer is that different roaches have different preferences and habits. For example, not all roaches are attracted to moisture, and some don’t even care if your house is messy or clean. Other types … Read more

What Do Bed Bugs Hate? (4 Things That Repel Them)

what do bed bugs hate

Nearly 100 years ago, bed bugs were nearly wiped out in the US, thanks to the many new pesticides that were created. However, the survivors developed an immunity to these treatments and eventually came back with a vengeance. Today, the appearance of bed bugs can close down businesses and schools, their mere name invoking dread. … Read more

What Bit Me?!? (Identifying Bug and Spider Bites)

There’s nothing worse than a friend telling you there have been some local bed bug reports, only to wake up the next morning and discover strange red marks on your skin. Of course, the first thing that goes through your mind is a panicked “Oh, no! We have bed bugs!”. But that might not actually … Read more