Can Bed Bugs Climb? (8 Different Surfaces)

bed bugs on a bed

It’s one of those announcements that everyone dreads – a place you recently visited was closed down due to the presence of bed bugs. You realize you might have been exposed and begin frantically inspecting your home for any signs of bed bugs. The good news is that there are no signs of bed bugs … Read more

Can Fleas Live in Human Hair?

fleas in hair

There are a lot of tiny terrors that can invade your home, many of which are as small as a sesame seed. For some, these critters can be disgusting. For others, a source of fear. But there are some out there that have earned a special hatred because they feed on blood. These include bed … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Survive in Water?

can bed bugs survive in water?

They’re one of the most feared critters in the Western World. While not as terrifying as roaches, they’re perhaps even more common and have become increasingly hard to kill. Yes, we’re talking about bed bugs, the nocturnal pest whose bites can lead to entire businesses being closed for quarantine. As is often the case with … Read more

What Does Ant Poop Look Like? (Identifying Ant Frass)

ant frass

There are a lot of fun questions that come up in the pest control world. Some sound like no-brainers, yet result in some very interesting facts, such as when we examined the relationship between cockroaches and shrimp. Others seek to debunk home remedies or verify their effectiveness scientifically.  Here at RMC, we take all questions … Read more

25 Different Types of Cockroaches in Florida

types of cockroaches in Florida

Let’s face it, nobody wants to deal with roaches in their home. Yet cockroaches are actually an important part of the ecosystem. There are far more species that would rather avoid your home than there are those that want to live with you rent free. Today we’ll be taking a brief look at just a … Read more

Flea Bites on Kids (Risks and How to Treat)

flea bites on kids

Nobody wants to deal with fleas, not people, not pets, and we’ve heard that fleas won’t even visit each other’s flea markets. So obviously, it’s a bad day for everyone when you discover fleas in the house. But things can be even worse when you discover bites on your children. This sort of thing can … Read more

23 Different Types of Ants in Texas

types of ants in Texas

Ants are among the most common macroscopic (i.e. visible) life forms in the world. They’re found in every continent except Antarctica, and are so old that we may yet find fossils of ants even in that remote place. Texas is no exception to this rule and is home to hundreds (if not more) species, many … Read more

What is Flea Dirt? (Identification, Concerns, and Treatment)

what is flea dirt?

If you’ve ever had a cat or dog in the family, there’s a good chance you’ve run into a particular pest that looks a lot like a poppy seed at a distance. These little nasties are, of course, fleas. But aside from being tiny terrors, fleas are also sometimes excellent little ninjas, skillfully evading detection … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Live in Carpet?

can bed bugs live in carpet

One of the biggest mistakes people make when exposed to bed bugs is to assume the infestation will be restricted to their bed. In reality, infestations can happen anywhere in the house. The only reason these pests tend to congregate in the bedroom is because that’s where the food is. But this can pose a … Read more