How to Get Rid of Millipedes

get rid of millipedes

There are some common pests that get only a minor reaction, such as ants or cluster flies. Others, such as bed bugs or termites evoke a more severe reaction. However, few create a sense of pure disgust as millipedes. Known for having multiple legs per body segment, these critters seem to have crawled right out … Read more

How to Get Rid of Rabbits (and Keep Them Away)

get rid of rabbits

Rabbits, bunnies, hares, jackalopes… It doesn’t matter what you call them; these cuddly critters are both wonderful pets and garden pests. In fact, of all the critters out there, they’re perhaps the most beloved, yet they can be as destructive as gophers. So what do you do when you have a bunch of rabbits invading … Read more

How to Get Rid of Possums (or Is It Opossums?)

how to get rid of opossums

There are quite a few woodland critters that make it into American pop culture, even though you may never meet one in person. Skunks, raccoons, deer, and opossums are great examples of this. But of these, the opossum is one that suffers from an identity crisis which can often lead to the wrong information in … Read more

How to Get Rid of Armadillos

get rid of armadillos

Mother Nature comes up with some of the craziest things. Just go onto your favorite video platform and look up electron microscope images for some crazy critters that belong in a sci-fi movie. But these cool designs also occur on the macro scale. Take, for example, the armadillo. These cute little guys are something you’d … Read more

How to Get Rid of Skunks

how to get rid of skunks

Perhaps the most terrifying critter to find in your yard isn’t a wolf or a bear, it’s the adorable little skunk. Skunks (and their close relatives, the stink badger) have a nasty reputation due to their ability to spray you with a sticky stench that can take days to remove and may have you sleeping … Read more

How to Get Rid of Coyotes

how to get rid of coyotes

Dogs have a very duplicitous reputation among humans. Some, such as domestic dogs, are well-loved and extremely loyal. Others, such as wolves, jackals, and coyotes, are considered nuisances or even threats. That’s not to say that wild dog species haven’t been pets or loyal companions on occasion. Unfortunately, while the reputations of wolves and jackals … Read more

How to Get Rid of Foxes

how to get rid of foxes

Of all the critters out there, the fox is among the most misunderstood. These lovable canines are both revered and reviled, depending on the person you ask. But how do you get rid of foxes that have started causing mischief, and are they really all that bad? Getting to Know Foxes Foxes have baffled the … Read more

How to Get Rid of Deer (Without Violence)

how to get rid of deer

Deer are an important critter throughout US history. They’ve provided clothing, bone tools, food, entertainment (Deer and supermarkets are always a laugh), and beauty. Unfortunately, they can also be a nuisance. Let’s have a look at these elegant critters and how to get rid of deer and keep them out of places they’re not welcome. … Read more

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

how to get rid of raccoons

Raccoons may seem cute and cuddly, but they can be nasty, sneaky, and like to carry big guns around. But generally, their primary interest is in your trash and not in saving the galaxy, so they’re far more of a nuisance than they are beneficial. Here’s all you need to know about raccoons, how to … Read more

How to Get Rid of Bats

Bats have suffered from a bad reputation over the past several centuries. These adorable little critters play a crucial role in controlling the insect population, and their guano is good for the soil. So why do most people want to get rid of bats? Unfortunately, they also pose a disease risk and are often associated … Read more