Welcome to Rid My Critters

humane critter control infographic

This site is devoted to helping you get rid of those critters you don’t want (in the most humane ways), as well as how to keep the critters you do. Most pest control sites try to sell professional services and, while this is sometimes necessary, chemical methods are slowly breeding “superbugs” that are resistant to pesticides and insecticides.

Our goal is to show you how you can get rid of pests and their side effects (smells, damage, etc.) by yourself. When an exterminator is necessary, we’ll tell you what to expect and which questions to ask to ensure you get your money’s worth.

We’ll also help you identify the critter so that you can know for certain what you’re dealing with whether that be sweat bees, prairie dogs, or relatives for the holidays (haha but really).

With the combination of both professional and DIY pest control experience, we strive for a down-to-earth approach to pest control that focuses on natural methods whenever possible. However, we also understand that pesticides are also necessary in some cases.

Finally, we’ll address health concerns and legal issues regarding endangered or protected species (such as the praying mantis). We want to help you protect your two (and four) legged family members from getting sick and show you how to treat bites and accidental exposure to harmful pesticides.