6 Best Squirrel Traps and Repellents

Squirrels can become a major problem when you have a large garden or bird feeders. Sometimes, these critters can gang up on you, ruining your yard. Having good defenses should be a priority. Here are some of the best squirrel traps and repellents on the market today. #1 – Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Trap Designed for …

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9 Best Mouse Repellents (Safe and Effective)

best mouse repellents

Mice can be a real problem, and you’re likely to attract any of several different species into your home at one point or another. Thankfully, you can protect your home and garden with a wide range of repellents and traps. But exactly what repels mice, and how do you know when you’ve found the best …

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5 Best Lizard Repellents (That Actually Work)

best lizard repellent

It seems like lizard repellent products are a dime a dozen these days, except they cost far more than a dime. In some ways, they’ve become the “miracle tonics” of the 21st century for getting rid of lizards. That doesn’t mean they’re all bad, however. Many products actually have a great success rate when you …

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Bug-A-Salt Review: The Urban Hunter’s Dream?

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, a company comes along and declares fly control as a sport. No, I’m not kidding here. Skell Incorporated has marketed their Bug-A-Salt as both a pest control system and a new sport. Curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to do a bit of research, …

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