14 Bugs that Look Like Mosquitoes

bugs look like mosquitoes

If you’ve ever visited the Florida Keys, you’re likely to remember five things: the miles of highway stretching over open ocean, the beautiful sunsets, swimming with rays, the sounds of frogs at night, and the mosquitoes. In fact, this last memory will often trump the rest, even though mosquitoes can be found throughout much of … Read more

9 Bugs That Look Like Termites

bugs look like termites

Many critters can spark phobias in people, such as crane flies or cockroaches. However, many pests deserve to be feared, especially if you find them in your home. A prime example of this is the termite. Most termites prefer to live outdoors, but there are many species that can invade your home. Once there, they’ll … Read more

11 Bugs that Look Like Earwigs

bugs that look like earwigs

One of the more curious things we tend to encounter in the pest control world is just how often critters suffer from a case of mistaken identity. This can lead to homeowners buying the wrong products or paying an exterminator for a problem they could’ve taken care of themselves. This is especially true when the … Read more

15 Bugs That Look Like Fleas

bugs that look like fleas

One of the most common reasons why extermination methods fail is mistaken identity. Some ants react differently to certain methods than others, for example. There are also arthropods and other bugs that may be mistaken for spiders or insects, yet aren’t vulnerable to the same pesticides. If you have pets, fleas are a huge risk, … Read more

9 Bugs That Look Like Black Sesame Seeds (or Poppy Seeds)

bugs that look like black sesame seeds

You often hear people on the news talking about how there are too many people in the world, yet the human race is just one of millions (if not more) species on this planet – and we’re actually one of the smaller ones. In fact, the world of bugs has us outnumbered by astronomical proportions … Read more

11 Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs

bugs that look like bed bugs

It’s a common problem. You see tiny brown bugs in your bed and immediately begin panicking. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult parasitic bugs to get rid of and wreak all sorts of havoc. But before you go burning the house down, take a deep breath and try to get a closer look … Read more