How to Get Rid of Possums (or Is It Opossums?)

how to get rid of opossums

There are quite a few woodland critters that make it into American pop culture, even though you may never meet one in person. Skunks, raccoons, deer, and opossums are great examples of this. But of these, the opossum is one that suffers from an identity crisis which can often lead to the wrong information in … Read more

What Does Possum Poop Look Like? (Identify Opossum Scat)

possum poop identification

Poop talk! Not a very polite topic to discuss but a pretty necessary one. Today, we’re here to talk about possum droppings. Wild animals, just like us, eat, sleep, and of course, poop. And while possums might not always drop on in when you are around, their scat is usually the proof of their visit. … Read more