Flea Bites on Kids (Risks and How to Treat)

flea bites on kids

Nobody wants to deal with fleas, not people, not pets, and we’ve heard that fleas won’t even visit each other’s flea markets. So obviously, it’s a bad day for everyone when you discover fleas in the house. But things can be even worse when you discover bites on your children. This sort of thing can … Read more

What Bit Me?!? (Identifying Bug and Spider Bites)

There’s nothing worse than a friend telling you there have been some local bed bug reports, only to wake up the next morning and discover strange red marks on your skin. Of course, the first thing that goes through your mind is a panicked “Oh, no! We have bed bugs!”. But that might not actually … Read more

Midge Bites (Symptoms, What They Look Like, and How to Treat)

biting midges

“One midge is an entomological curiosity; a thousand can be hell!” – Doug Kettle As cute as the name sounds, midges (also called “no-see-ums: in some areas) are anything but. A huge nuisance would be a better descriptor. However, the most irritating thing about the midges are their bites! These biters have small sharp teeth … Read more