What Color Light Do Roaches Hate the Most?

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Cockroaches are nocturnal and are only active at night. They’re not attracted to light.

Roaches are a common sight in any home, but what do they hate the most? Turns out, the color of light is one of the things that makes them feel uncomfortable. In this article, we will show you how to make roaches avoid light by using natural methods and some simple equipment.

Do Roaches Like Certain Colors of Light More Than Others?

There is much speculation surrounding the colors of light that roaches are most averse to. Some suggest that blue light is the most repellant, while others assert that yellow light is the most detested. However, there is no real proof to back up either claim.

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On the contrary, it could be argued that certain colors may actually attract roaches more than others. In reality, the answer likely falls somewhere between the two. Roaches are highly sensitive to the slightest adjustments in light and may be repelled by some colors more so than others, however, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that any color specifically repels them.

So, if you are considering using colored lights to deter pests, it is unnecessary to be overly concerned about the color. Just be sure that the lights are placed correctly and emitting the correct type of light.

Do Cockroaches Like LED Lights?

Cockroaches are known to be averse to light, and so they will often scatter when a switch is flipped. Even natural light can be a deterrent to cockroaches on rainy days.

To demonstrate this, some people have been known to put cockroaches in a jar with a light source and watch them flee. Though cockroaches will generally avoid bright light, they can tolerate it if it is coming from the side or behind them.

To keep cockroaches away from your light, try to place them in a dark area or switch off the light completely. It is a misconception that cockroaches like LED lights because of their warmth.

Why Do Roaches Run When You Turn on the Light?

turn on light

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The reason you don‘t often see cockroaches scurrying away when a light is switched on is because their bodies have evolved to protect them from harm. A natural defense mechanism is triggered in roaches when electric light or sudden light is turned on, allowing them to protect themselves.

This is the reason cockroaches have been found hiding in such places as dishwashers, microwaves, and refrigerators. All nice, dark places but as soon as the door is open, they scatter from the light.

Will Leaving a Light On Prevent Cockroaches? 

It is not certain that leaving a light on will prevent cockroaches from entering your home. It may deter some, while others may be attracted to the light and become stranded.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent cockroach infestations is to take preventative measures such as sealing cracks and crevices, cleaning up food and water spills, and regularly vacuuming. If you are concerned about cockroach populations in your home, it is best to consult a professional.

What Colors of Light Do Roaches Hate?

Red light is the most effective in repelling cockroaches, followed by green. White and yellow light also have some deterrent effect, while blue light is the least effective. In contrast, insects are more attracted to yellow light than any other color.

Do LED Lights Attract Cockroaches?

Honestly, bulbs that emit short wavelengths of light (a cool bluish/white color) tend to attract more bugs. LED lights, however, produce little or almost no UV light and a very small amount of heat, making them much less attractive to insects as long as they emit longer wavelengths of light.

Does Blue Light Attract Roaches?

Insects, such as roaches, are generally most attracted to blue light. Bluish light or bright white light (mercury vapor, white fluorescent, and white incandescent) are the most attractive to bugs. On the other hand, orange (sodium vapor, halogen, dichroic yellow), pinkish, or yellowish lights are the least attractive to bugs.

Can Roaches Affect Electricity?

Yes, they can. Roaches can chew through wires, which can lead to electrical problems in your home. This can be dangerous, so it‘s important to inspect your wires regularly to make sure there are no signs of roaches. If you do find any, you should call a professional to take care of the problem.

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Roaches appear to hate blue light the most, causing them to cease eating and instead secrete an antinutrient known as abscisic acid (ABA). In high enough concentrations, this ABA can be deadly for roaches. This explains why you often see them scurrying away when you switch on a bright light.