Termite Droppings But No Termites? (Here’s What it Means)

termite droppings

There are a lot of critters homeowners fear, but one of the most infamous is the termite. These tiny pests are often mistaken for ants despite being unrelated. However, there are three types of termite to be aware of, two of which are known to infest homes. Dampwood termites seek out damp wood and are … Read more

What Does Bed Bug Poop Look Like? (Identify Bed Bug Droppings)

bed bug droppings on mattress

Bed bugs are one of the most irritating pests that infest the homes of people or hotel rooms that they stay in. These little bugs can be extremely hard to eliminate, and therefore, it becomes essential to know about their infestation when they’re low in numbers. For that, finding bed bug poop is one of … Read more

What Does Possum Poop Look Like? (Identify Opossum Scat)

possum poop identification

Poop talk! Not a very polite topic to discuss but a pretty necessary one. We’re here to talk about possum droppings. Wild animals, just like us, eat, sleep, and of course, poop. And while possums might not always drop on in when you are around, their scat is usually the proof of their visit. So … Read more

What Does Lizard Poop Look Like? (Identify Lizard Droppings)

lizard on the porch

Wall lizards are a great challenge for the homes they choose to live in. They are not easy to eliminate and often go unnoticed for a long time since they are such good hiders. But apart from noticing them in the flesh, there is another way you can confirm their existence in your house. It’s through their poop! … Read more

What Does Fox Poop Look Like? (Identify Fox Scat)

when do foxes come out

Fox are omnivorous mammals that generally eat smaller mammals, frogs, mice, rabbits, crabs, fish, insects, vegetables, seeds, fruits, berries, and other similar things. But they can also be dangerous, especially if you have pets around. Therefore, you would want to keep them away from your house. If you are not sure whether your area has foxes or not, … Read more

What Does Coyote Poop Look Like? (Identify Coyote Scat)

what does coyote poop look like

Coyotes are considered as one of the most clever beasts of North America. They are slightly smaller than their close relative gray wolf,  and also other wolves like the red wolf, etc. Now, if you want to know whether there are coyotes in your area, then the best thing to do is keep a lookout for the coyote … Read more

What Does Spider Poop Look Like? | Spider Poop & Droppings

No one likes spiders living in their homes especially if they difficult to spot and challenging to eliminate. So, there must be some kind of evidence that can be used to identify whether they are present in our home or not, right? Well, what about spider poop? Spider droppings can be a sure sign of … Read more