What Do Baby Boxelder Bugs Look Like? (Identifying Boxelder Nymphs)

baby boxelder bug

Some critters damage plants, while others damage your sanity. The boxelder bug is a perfect example of the latter. They get their name because they love boxelder trees, but are also found on ash and maple trees. But they get their reputation for covering warm, sunny surfaces and giving off a foul odor when handled, … Read more

How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs (and Keep Them Away)

get rid of boxelder bugs

We cover a lot of common (and not so common) pests here at RMC, but sometimes there’s a critter that blurs the line. For example, crane flies might look like mosquitoes, but they’re actually beneficial predators. Bumble bees are incredibly important, but a lot of people have allergies. Cats are some of the most beloved … Read more