What Does Bed Bug Poop Look Like? (Identify Bed Bug Droppings)

bed bug droppings on mattress

Bed bugs are one of the most irritating pests to infest the homes of people or hotel rooms that they stay in. These little bugs can be extremely hard to eliminate. Therefore, it becomes essential to know about the infestation when they’re low in numbers. For that, finding bed bug poop is one of the … Read more

Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs? (Here’s the Truth)

An old and popular home remedy, rubbing alcohol and its siblings have long been used in the fight against all sorts of critters, including bed bugs. But are these methods really effective? It the popular belief that rubbing alcohol kills bed bugs true? Or is it just a myth? Research has shown very grey results. … Read more

How Long Do Bed Bugs Live in a Plastic Bag?

how long do bed bugs live in a plastic bag

There are some critters we only speak briefly about and you have all the weapons you need. And yet there are some we keep coming back to because they’re so complicated to deal with. The real challenges in pest control are the tiny ones, which is why we find ourselves coming back to certain ones … Read more

How Long Does it Take for Bed Bug Eggs to Hatch?

bed bug eggs hatch

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about infestations, it’s that pests are like icebergs – the part you see is only a tiny percentage of the whole. In the case of bed bugs, this can be even more true, since it can be hard to spot even one bed bug without discovering their bites, their … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Climb? (8 Different Surfaces)

bed bugs on a bed

It’s one of those announcements that everyone dreads – a place you recently visited was closed down due to the presence of bed bugs. You realize you might have been exposed and begin frantically inspecting your home for any signs of bed bugs. The good news is that there are no signs of bed bugs … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Survive in Water?

can bed bugs survive in water?

They’re one of the most feared critters in the Western World. While not as terrifying as roaches, they’re perhaps even more common and have become increasingly hard to kill. Yes, we’re talking about bed bugs, the nocturnal pest whose bites can lead to entire businesses being closed for quarantine. As is often the case with … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Live in Carpet?

can bed bugs live in carpet

One of the biggest mistakes people make when exposed to bed bugs is to assume the infestation will be restricted to their bed. In reality, infestations can happen anywhere in the house. The only reason these pests tend to congregate in the bedroom is because that’s where the food is. But this can pose a … Read more

Average Bed Bug Exterminator Cost (and 10 Questions to Ask)

bed bug exterminator cost

Of all the pests out there, bed bugs are one of the most feared and frustrating to deal with. These tiny critters are most often associated with the bedroom, but are capable of infesting your entire home. Depending on the level of infestation, you might be brave enough to tackle these pests on your own … Read more

Bed Bug Infestation in the Bedroom? (Here’s What To Do)

bed bugs in bedroom

We talk a lot about certain critters on this site, some far more than others due to the number of species or difficulty in control involved. A perfect example of this is the infamous bed bug. When you hear the term, you likely immediately associate the words bites and bombs, but that’s only part of … Read more