Best Gnat Foggers (4 Highly Effective Gnat Bombs)

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We’ve all dealt with gnats in our houses, whether it’s from a sugary spill that you forgot to wipe or houseplants that you overwatered by mistake.

If there are only a few gnats buzzing around, then they can be effectively dealt with, even various home remedies like a fruit fly trap or a candle trap.

But how do you deal with a full-fledge gnat infestation? Today, we’re going to look at some of the best gnat foggers on the market and just how well they stack up.

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Do Gnat Bombs Work?

do gnat foggers work?

Yes, gnat foggers work just as well las other insect foggers. They can be quite deadly to these pests if used correctly.

Gnat foggers are not expensive and can kill many household pests that bug you in addition to gnats.

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Do Gnat Bombs Only Work on Some Gnats?

While this sounds like a strange question, many bug bombs are formulated to work on only some kinds of a critter, such as certain types of roaches.

This is why you should always look at the product container to make sure the critter you need to attack is on there.

When it comes to gnats, though, there’s enough similarity that one bomb can take care of fungus gnats, fruit flies, buffalo gnats, and other types of gnats equally well.

Just be warned, they may or may not work against bigger species such as cluster flies or horse flies.

Our Picks for Best Bug Bombs for Gnats

There are a lot of gnat foggers out there, and there’s just no way for us to test them all.

The following picks are ones our staff have all personally tested over the years and gotten great results from.

#1 – Hot Shot 20177 No-Mess! Fogger

Hot Shot 20177 NO-mess! Fogger, 3-Count is one of the most effective foggers we’ve tried.

Hot Shot No-Mess! Fogger With Odor Neutralizer, Kills Hidden Bugs, No Need To...
  • NO NEED TO TURN OFF PILOT LIGHTS: Dry fog technology
  • WHERE TO USE: Use in enclosed spaces such as apartments, attics, basements, boat...
  • NON-STAINING: No messy residue

You get two to four 1.2-ounce foggers per pack. Just one of these can cover an area of about 2,000 ft.

This means you only need one bomb per room, and that bomb can potentially treat multiple rooms, depending on the layout of your house.

The deep-reaching formula is designed to reach even hidden gnats, cockroaches, fleas, ants, and spiders.

As a result, you may be getting rid of bugs you didn’t notice any signs of.


Hot Shot is a dry-fog formula that won’t require you to shut off your furnace’s pilot light.

When used as directed, the airborne fog penetrates deep cracks, crevices,  under the furniture, and even inside appliances. It flushes out all sorts of bugs, killing on contact.

Even better, it won’t stain or leave behind messy residue, and is completely odorless.

The effects can last up to six weeks and it comes with a money back guarantee.


Breathing spray mist from any fogger or allowing contact with skin or eyes is extremely dangerous.

Keep this product where children can’t get to it and avoid entering an area during treatment.

Rinse skin that’s come in contact with the fog or its residue for 15 to 20 minutes to ensure no traces remain.

#2 – Black Flag HG-11079 6 Count Indoor Fogger

Black Flag is one of those commercial brands that even professional exterminators recommend – and for good reason.

For example, the Black Flag Concentrated Fogger easily penetrates the cracks and the crevices without leaving behind any nasty odors like most fogging products.

Black Flag Indoor Fogger, Pack of 6
  • : KILLS BY CONTACT: Controls a variety of household pests, including roaches,...
  • EACH CAN TREATS UP TO 2,000 CUBIC FEET: Use one can to treat a room...
  • DUAL ACTION: Kills insects and leaves a fresh scent


This particular fogger kills a wide range of disease carrying household bugs, including roaches, fleas, silverfish, and gnats.

The product continues killing for up to 12 weeks. It’s safe for use in apartments, basements, garages, kitchens, and various household storage areas.

The product can be bought in cases of 24, split into four six-packs.

Considering each bomb will treat 2,000 square feet, a single case can provide a lifetime supply. Of course, if you live near a swamp, they’ll be used up much faster.

There’s also no odor or oily residue left behind after treatment.


Again, this is a highly toxic product during use, so keep these precautions in mind:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Don’t allow entry into the area being treated for at least two hours after the bomb has finished.
  • Only use one bomb at a time and only where there’s adequate room (i.e. don’t stick one in a closet).
  • Don’t use this (or any other) fogger near food.
  • Be sure to thoroughly air out the treated room before allowing entry.

#3 – Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

Roaches aren’t the only pests to panic when they see the Raid logo. The Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger is definitely a bane to a wide range of household bugs, including gnats, ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlies.

Raid® Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger, 1.5 oz, 3 Cans ( Pack of 3)
  • Kills ants, roaches & spiders
  • Penetrates into cracks & crevices to kill bugs where they live & breed
  • Keeps killing for up 2 months


As with the previous two foggers, this product penetrates deep into cracks and crevasses to get at any hidden bugs.

This makes it a great choice for taking out nests in wall voids or tiny places gnats might try to take shelter in.

Despite leaving no messy residue, it can continue to kill for up to two months and doesn’t stain.

Best of all, one bomb will cover 5,000 cubic feet (that’s a 25x25x8 foot room)!


So why isn’t this at the top of our list?

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Unfortunately, this product DOES leave a nasty odor behind, so you will have to do a deep clean afterwards.

Also, we found that two hours isn’t necessarily long enough for this bomb to do its job.

This means you should probably plan to avoid the treated rooms for an entire afternoon.

Of course, once it’s done the initial job, it will continue to work.

#4 – Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger

Spectracide might be best known for their outdoor products, but they also make a great fogger.

Be warned, while the Bug Stop is highly effective, it’s also the first on our list with some major drawbacks.

We debated on whether to include it here due to some safety concerns, but responsible users shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Spectracide 6/2-oz Bug Stop Indoor Fogger, 4-Pack
  • Indoor fogger: formulated to control heavy infestations – Kills crawling,...


When used as directed, this product won’t leave behind residue or stains.

It’s safe for use around most household materials (except for food).

One can will cover 2,000 cubic feet, although obstructions (such as walls) can reduce its range.

As long as you pay close attention to the warnings and restrictions, this fogger is extremely effective.


As with the other products we’ve covered, you’ll need to read all precautionary statements and instructions before use.

You’ll also have to shut off all sources of flame (such as the furnace pilot light) during treatment.

Rooms won’t be available for two hours after using this bug killer and will need to be thoroughly aired out.

Incorrect use of this product can not only lead to injury to people, but it can actually explode and cause property damage.

To Use Safely

Here are some essential rules for this fogger that need to be taken into consideration:

  1. Attempting to use this product in enclosed rooms or spaces measuring 5×5 feet or smaller may result in the bomb exploding.
  2. Be sure to open any cabinets or other enclosed spaces, as this product isn’t as penetrating as the Hot Shot and Black Flag foggers.
  3. Close all doors and windows around the perimeter of the rooms you’re treating, but leave doors between treated spaces open.
  4. Disconnect smoke alarms, turn off all fans and air conditioners, and cover any vents.
  5. Shut off or disconnect all electronics and make sure there are no sources of flame or spark, including your furnace’s pilot light.
  6. Make sure the fogger is in the middle of the room with nothing directly around or over it.

How to Use Gnat Bug Bombs Safely

how to use gnat foggers

Every bug bomb is a little different, which is why studying the instructions and precautions on each label is essential.

However, here are a few general tips for safely using most foggers.

  1. Create an unobstructed space in the middle of the room for the bomb.
  2. You can place a chair or table covered in paper towels or newspaper to elevate the bomb, but never put a fogger under an object.
  3. Seal all external access to the room and make sure there are no fans or other air movers running. Give yourself an exit that’s sealed except for one corner. Seal this corner when you leave the room.
  4. Most foggers must be shaken before use. Make sure the nozzle is facing away from you when you do so.
  5. After shaking, take a deep breath and hold it. Activate the fogger and immediately leave the room.
  6. Some bombs will require you and your pets to vacate the entire house during treatment.
  7. Make sure nobody enters the treated area for at least two hours (longer is generally better, though).
  8. When it’s time to reenter the treated area, once again unseal a corner of the entrance only. The person going in will need to hold their breath long enough to open all windows and get some fans running.
  9. Leave the room again, reseal your entry point, and allow the room to air out for another couple hours.
  10. Depending on the product, you may need to perform a deep clean before allowing children or pets into the room.

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Considerations Before Buying a Fogger

There are a few other things to keep in mind when planning to use a fogger. Here are some basic things to consider.

Safety Risks

danger toxic warning

Bug bombs are extremely toxic and pose a real risk to your family (including pets and plants) if used improperly.

Even though some foggers leave no residue and may be rated as safe for use around various materials, you should remove any toys or other objects children will interact with prior to treatment.

You will have to leave as soon as the fogger is activated, so preparing the room  beforehand is paramount.

You may also need to post warning signs if treating a public space such as an office.

Using more than one fogger at a time or placing them in tiny enclosed spaces (such as a closet or half bathroom) can actually create an explosion risk.

Also, most bug bombs are highly flammable and you’ll need to identify and disable sources of flame or spark before using them.

Type of Fogger

The most popular bug bombs are known as total release foggers. These pose the biggest health risks but are undeniably effective.

Another popular (but harder to find) option is the thermal fogger. These use fewer chemicals and are dispersed using hot vapor, which allows it to remain airborne longer.

Pyrethrins are a popular pesticide in thermal foggers. This natural pesticide is derived from chrysanthemums and is especially effective against all sorts of flies.

Dealing with Gnats More Professionally

Foggers may be a popular remedy, but they should be used as a last resort due to how dangerous they can be.

Even worse, sometimes they simply aren’t able to do the job.

When you’re facing a massive infestation of gnats or any other pest, or simply aren’t confident using dangerous pesticide products, it might be best to choose a different option.

Professional pest control companies may cost less in the long-run and will ensure your problem is eliminated.

Their pricing includes all sorts of bonuses, such as a (usually free) inspection, treatment, and follow-up inspections.

While there, pest control experts will even help you identify the source of the gnats so you can avoid future infestations.

Final Words

Finding the right fogger isn’t easy. Even worse, you need to switch brands each use to any survivors don’t build up a tolerance.

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There are a lot of precautions that need to be taken, meaning bug bombs should be a last resort.

However, the products we’ve covered here have all been tested in-house and we can confirm they worked for us.

Don’t be afraid to call an exterminator if your mileage is different or you’re not confident in using a bug bomb.


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