How to Get Roaches Out of an Xbox One (and Keep Them Out)

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Cockroaches like warm places, which unfortunately includes electronics such as video game consoles.

Not only does this allow them to breed, it can also result in serious damage to your gaming consoles, TV, printer, microwave, and other devices.

How to Get Roaches Out of Xbox One Consoles

dust off compressed air

Getting a cockroach out of your gaming device requires a little more finesse than simply spraying it down with Raid.

Thankfully, there are some safe solutions you can do at home before taking the system in for repairs.

You don’t even have to know how to take apart an Xbox One to use these methods!

#1 – Using Compressed Air

Compressed air can be a great option to get roaches out of your Xbox one.

While normally used for dust, the forced air can also expel dead roaches and make it uncomfortable for live ones to stay inside.

Note that you should only use compressed air designated for electronics.

Using a hair dryer can cause heat damage, while an air compressor may be too powerful and harm delicate components.

Meanwhile, cans of compressed air such as Falcon Dust Off are designed specifically for use with electronic devices.

Simply apply a few short bursts of air to into each of the vent openings in the to force cockroaches  and debris alike out of the console.

#2 – Bait Them

Bait traps tend to be among the most effective ways to kill cockroaches.

Whether you use a commercial product such as Combat roach killing bait or make your own homemade borax bait.

One great advantage of bait traps is that you won’t have to fiddle with the console itself, reducing the risk of damage.

Keep in mind, most bait traps are designed to work slowly, allowing the roaches to share the poison.

This means they may still die inside the console.

#3 – Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps such as the popular Catchmaster sticky traps are a great tool and can be used in conjunction with baits to become even more deadly.

You probably already know how sticky traps work if you’ve used fly strips before.

Lay the sticky traps around your console and the roach will get stuck to it, eventually either suffocating or dying of starvation.

You can even place a few drops of bacon grease or a dab of peanut butter in the middle of the trap to draw the roach out of your electronic device and onto the trap for a double-whammy.

#3 – Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth

 Diatomaceous Earth works extremely well and there’s no risk of pests becoming tolerant.

Simply sprinkle some food-grade DE around the base of your console.

This dust is harmless to people and most pets (you still don’t want to inhale it).

However, it’s really made of crushed fossils that act like broken glass for ay bug crawling on it.

The roach will bleed out and die soon after making contact.

Be warned, just like bait traps, DE won’t work instantly.

There’s a chance the cockroach will make it back inside your electronic gadgets before dying.

Why Should I Worry About Roaches in My Xbox?

While it’s obvious you don’t want roaches infesting your home, one in your console is especially bad.

They’ll nest inside where temperatures are warmer and there’s less risk of predators.

This results in three major damage risks:

  • Roach excrement and other secretions can corrode the components.
  • Some connections are high-voltage, which could kill a cockroach that touches it, resulting in short-circuits.
  • There’s a risk of the roach chewing through wires.

Spotting a roach often happens long after they take up residence, so there could already be damage to your console.

In extreme cases, you may need to replace the entire console.

However, catching them quickly or being proactive when you know you have a roach problem can greatly reduce potential repair bills.

How to Get Roaches Out of Xbox Series X, Playstation, etc.

So what about other video game consoles, such as other Xbox models, the coveted Playstation 2, or an old Atari?

The good news is that the methods we’ve covered will work on all of these systems.

How to Prevent Roaches From Getting Into Your Xbox One

Whether you’ve just evicted some roaches from your Xbox or simply wish to prevent them from getting into your video game consoles, a little prevention goes a long way.

Here are a few simple tricks to keep all of your consoles bug-free:

  1. Store your console in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  2. Keep your console clean inside using compressed air and outside using electronic-safe cleaning supplies applies on a microfiber cloth.
  3. Seal any entry points to help prevent roaches from sneaking into your home.
  4. Keep all food and drinks stored in airtight containers and away from your game system and clean any spills immediately.
  5. Regularly vacuum and dust to ensure there are no edible debris you might have missed.
  6. Invest in a dehumidifier to reduce moisture levels in your home.

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