How to Get Rid of Egyptian Cockroaches

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Egyptian cockroaches can be a real nuisance in households, causing disturbances and potentially spreading diseases. In order to effectively eliminate these pests, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the various methods available to get rid of them.

There are several ways to kill and control Egyptian cockroaches, and it is often necessary to combine multiple methods to achieve the best results. Some of these methods include using insecticides or natural remedies like peppermint oil, sealing gaps to reduce hiding spots, and improving household hygiene to eliminate food sources.

This article will provide practical advice on how to successfully eradicate Egyptian cockroaches and prevent them from returning. You may also want to check out our comprehensive guide on how to get rid of all types of roaches.

Identification of Egyptian Cockroaches

The Egyptian cockroach is a type of cockroach that is known for its ability to fly, although it may also crawl around. It is important to accurately identify this species to apply the appropriate control measures. Here are some distinguishing features to help with identification:

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Egyptian Cockroaches are usually brown, gray, or black in color. They also have a yellow or light-brown band near the end of their abdomens.


These cockroaches are relatively small, typically measuring about 1/2 inch in length.


Unlike some other species, Egyptian Cockroaches have wings that extend longer than their bodies, granting them the ability to fly. This is a unique characteristic to look for when trying to identify them.

Comparing these attributes to other cockroach species can help with correct identification. For instance, the American cockroach is reddish-brown with a yellowish figure-8 pattern on the back of its head, whereas the brown-banded cockroach has a more distinct appearance.

Proper identification of Egyptian Cockroaches is essential to ensure that the appropriate control methods are used to eliminate these pests effectively.

Prevention Methods

Preventing an Egyptian cockroach infestation is crucial in maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. The following methods will help deter these pests from invading your home.

First, it’s essential to seal any gaps or cracks in your house, especially in your basement, attic, and any visible insulation. Check around the edges of your floorboards and underneath your appliances including dishwasher and refrigerator, and also inspect cables, hoses, and ducts that enter or exit your house. Use caulking and foam insulation to seal any gaps you find.

Regular cleanliness is critical in preventing cockroach infestations. Clean dishes daily, never leaving them in the sink overnight, and take out the garbage daily or store it in a sealed container. Vacuum frequently and store food in airtight containers to discourage cockroaches from entering your living spaces.

Using natural repellents can also be effective in deterring cockroaches. Sprinkle garlic and/or pepper around your home, replacing the powder every month, and consider planting garlic in your backyard for additional protection. Another natural repellent is catnip, which has been found to be 100 times more effective than DEET in repelling cockroaches.

Setting up adhesive traps in areas where cockroaches are likely to be found can help capture them before they become a significant problem. Additionally, using natural pesticide powders like diatomaceous earth or boric acid along cracks and crevices can help keep these pests at bay.

Natural Remedies

borax for roaches

There are several natural remedies that can be effective in getting rid of Egyptian cockroaches. These methods are both safe and eco-friendly, making them an excellent option for homeowners who want to avoid using harsh chemicals.

#1 – Diatomaceous Earth

One popular remedy is using diatomaceous earth. This natural powder, made from fossilized aquatic organisms, can be lightly spread around the areas where cockroaches tend to gather. When the roaches crawl over the powder, it damages their exoskeleton, eventually causing them to dehydrate and die.

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#2 – Boric Acid

Boric acid is another effective natural option for combating the Egyptian cockroach problem. According to Homes and Gardens, a mixture of equal parts boric acid, flour, and sugar can create a bait that is lethal to cockroaches. Place the bait in areas where you’ve seen cockroach activity for the best results.

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#3 – Essential Oils

Essential oils, such as peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus, can also be used to deter cockroaches. To use this method, mix several drops of your chosen essential oil with water in a spray bottle and mist the affected areas. Cockroaches are repelled by the odor, making them less likely to return.

Another simple remedy is to use lemon juice or citrus-based cleaners when cleaning surfaces in your home. The scent of citrus is unpleasant to cockroaches, discouraging them from invading your living space.

#4 – A Clean Home

Finally, maintaining cleanliness and reducing clutter can help discourage Egyptian cockroaches from taking up residence in your home. Be sure to regularly clean kitchen surfaces, dispose of trash, and limit access to food and water sources, as these can attract the pests.

Chemical Solutions

Ortho Orthene for roaches

Chemical control is one of the methods used in dealing with Egyptian cockroaches. In this process, various chemical pesticides and insecticides are applied to eliminate or deter the presence of cockroaches. There are several products available on the market, but choosing the right one is essential for its effectiveness.

#1 – Bait Traps

Using roach bait can be an effective way to get rid of Egyptian cockroaches. These roaches are attracted to food and moisture, so it’s important to keep your home clean and dry. You can place roach bait in areas where you have seen the roaches, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas where there is food or water.

The bait should be placed in areas where children and pets cannot reach it. It’s important to follow the instructions on the roach bait carefully to ensure that it is used safely and effectively. Additionally, it’s important to seal up any cracks or gaps in your home to prevent the roaches from entering.

#2 – Pesticide Sprays

Pesticide sprays can also be effective for getting rid of Egyptian cockroaches. However, it’s important to choose a pesticide that is specifically labeled for use against cockroaches and to follow the instructions carefully. You should wear protective clothing and a mask while using the pesticide spray, and keep children and pets away from the treated area until it is safe to return.

It’s important to note that roach sprays may not be effective in completely eliminating the cockroach infestation, as they may not reach all areas where the cockroaches are hiding. Therefore, it’s recommended to use a combination of methods, such as roach bait and maintaining a clean house, to effectively control the infestation.

#3 – Roach Bombs

Roach bombs, also known as foggers, can be used to get rid of Egyptian cockroaches. However, it’s important to note that these products can be dangerous if not used properly. Roach bombs release a fog of chemicals that can kill cockroaches, but they can also be harmful to humans and pets if inhaled or ingested.

If you decide to use a roach bomb, follow the instructions carefully and make sure to leave the treated area immediately after activating the bomb. Cover or remove any food or food utensils, and turn off any pilot lights or gas appliances before using the roach bomb. It’s also important to ventilate the area thoroughly after the treatment is complete.

Always remember to follow the instructions on the label of chemical products and to take necessary precautions when applying them, such as wearing gloves and ensuring proper ventilation. This will help minimize health risks and unintended consequences.

Professional Help

If home remedies and DIY solutions are not effective in dealing with Egyptian cockroaches, it might be time to seek assistance from professional pest control services. Professionals have access to advanced tools and methods for roach extermination. They can assess the infestation, develop a customized treatment plan, and apply targeted solutions to eliminate the problem.

Professional pest control services typically involve the following steps:

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  • Thorough inspection of the premises to identify the extent of the infestation and potential entry points
  • Use of discreet monitors with high attraction and catch rates to track the roach population
  • Precise application of chemical treatments or baits in targeted areas
  • Recommendations for further prevention and control measures

Remember to choose a certified and licensed pest control provider to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatments. Also, follow their guidance and recommendations to maintain a cockroach-free environment in the long run.


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