What Does Fox Poop Look Like? (Identify Fox Scat)

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Fox are crafty canines that generally eat smaller mammals. Their diet includes frogs, mice, rabbits, crabs, fish and insects. They’re also known to feed on vegetables, seeds, fruits, berries, and other similar things.

But they can also be dangerous, especially if you have pets around. Therefore, you would want to get rid of them if they’re entering your property. If you’re not sure whether your area has foxes or not, then the best indication of their presence is fox scat.

Today, we’ll discuss what fox poop looks like and ways to keep them off your lawn.

What Does Fox Poop Look Like?

Fox droppings are very similar to coyote scat, but are smaller in size. The droppings are tan to dark brown in color, with pointy ends. Pieces usually measure about 2 to 3 inches long.

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Of course, the actual length of the fox poop depends on the size of the foxes. So, if the fox is of bigger size, then you can expect larger droppings.

Since foxes eat various kinds of foods, it can affect the poop’s appearance. Their scat can include some bones, hairs, nuts, seeds, and other similar things.

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Fox Poop Pictures

Simply describing a twisted, tubular shape leaves much to the imagination.

Here are a few fox poop images to help you see what fresh droppings (and old ones) look like.

Some privacy please! (Credit)

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Fox Poop vs Dog Poop

Even stray dogs have very different poop from wild animals. Unlike the treasure trove of debris in fox feces, dog poop is smooth.

Fox scat doesn’t stink like dog poop and instead, their poop has a musky smell.

In addition to the fruit seeds, bones, and other goodies, fox poop is also longer and twistier than dog poop.

Is Fox Poop Dangerous?

Animal droppings of any kind can be dangerous, especially those of wildlife pests. Even if it lacks a horrible smell, poop contains all sorts of bacteria, virii, and parasites.

Sometimes, fox feces contains tapeworms and roundworms. Their feces can also spread diseases like rabies.

So, if you find fox scat, make sure to handle it with care.

Removing Fox Poop

Put on some disposable rubber gloves and carefully place the poop in a doubled-up bag to dispose of safely.

Avoid direct contact and spray the area with a disinfectant. Be sure to use something that’s plant-safe if treating your lawn or garden.

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Why are There Foxes in Your Yard?

This is an important question that should be asked any time you find wild animal poo in your yard.

Usually, the fox wandered in because of potential prey. Look around for signs of rabbit scat, rat droppings, or even snake poop.

Remember, a variable diet and nocturnal nature make foxes a tough scavenger to thwart if you aren’t removing the potential attractions.

Getting Rid of a Fox in the Yard

If there are signs of foxes in your yard, you should take some necessary steps to get rid of them and prevent them from visiting again.

Our “How to Get Rid of Foxes” guide will go more in depth, but below, we’ve shared some quick and easy methods that can be used to eliminate foxes from your area.

Remove Food Sources

fox deterrent

The moment a fox finds food items in your yard, he won’t want to leave. So the first thing that you have to do is remove any food sources that foxes like. Get rid of any rodents using traps, poisons, or ultrasonic repellers.

If you have a garden, the fox may have come to forage, so be sure the plants are fenced off. You should also make it harder for a fox to reach any feeders, as they’ll snack on birds and bird seed alike.

Without food sources in your yard, there’s no reason for the foxes to hang around.

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Fox Traps

The use of fox traps is one of the most effective ways to get rid of them. Be sure trapping a fox is legal in your area first, though. Trapping a fox is strictly regulated in many areas.

If you want to trap a fox, then the most important things you need are a good, quick trap and  abait that foxes like to eat.

You can use humane live cage traps with some type of bait to attract them and then catch them.


Fences are the best way to keep foxes (and other critters) out of your yard or garden. Keep in mind that the fence should be at least six feet high and with no openings greater than three inches for them to squeeze through.

You should also make sure there are no large overhanging branches, as foxes can climb trees.

While a solid fence may not keep the neighbor’s cat out of your yard, it’s usually enough to keep out a fox.

Dealing with the Foxes in the Backyard Professionally

fox does a fox hole look like

If the fox sightings are a rare occurrence, then the above-mentioned solutions should keep them away. However, it’s always better to hire a professional if you believe multiple foxes are hanging around or there’s an active den in your yard.

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Final Words

Fox scat is a clear indication that a fox has visited your property, and it might return if you do not take the necessary steps to keep avoid them.

The above-mentioned solutions can help deter them from coming back. More importantly, now you know how to spot their poop and what to do about it.