Does RAID Stain Walls, Carpet, and Clothes?

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Updated on March 13, 2023

RAID is the goto brand for bug and ant control for millions of households across the world. It is known for its effectiveness and safety, meaning you won‘t have to worry about it damaging your furniture or walls.

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Not only is it safe to use on wood furniture and floors, but it also doesn‘t stain most surfaces it comes into contact with. Understanding how to use RAID correctly is key to effectively eliminating bugs and ants, while at the same time making sure the surface it’s being sprayed on won’t stain.

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Does RAID Stain Walls?

Many homeowners wonder if it is safe to use RAID on walls. The good news is that no, RAID does not stain walls.

However, the bad news is that you should take extra care when using this product around walls because some people have found that it has left a noticeable residue.

How to Remove RAID Residue From a Wall

To get rid of any residue leftover from RAID or other insecticide spray, combine a bit of mild soap with warm water and swish it around to generate suds. Use a clean sponge or rag to apply only the foam. Then use a fresh, dry cloth to wipe.

Is It Safe to Use on Wood Flooring?

Deciding to use RAID on a wood floor is confusing. In a word, no, it is not recommended to use Raid on wood floors due to the fact the active ingredient may stain or damage some types of wood surfaces. It’s best to test it on an inconspicuous area first.

Does RAID Stain Carpet?

It depends on the type of raid you are using. If it is a liquid, it can be safe to use on most carpets because the liquid will seep into the upholstery and dry quickly.

If your RAID is in a powder form, make sure you don’t use it on carpet or any other porous surface as it can leave a stain.

How to Clean Bug Spray Off of Carpet

To remove RAID or other bug spray from a carpet, you can use a bit of dishwashing liquid added to water, mix in a spray bottle and spray the stained area then use a clean cloth or rag to wipe it off.

Does RAID Stain Clothes?

According to the manufacturer, the product is safe to use on fabric. The company says that even though the product may leave a stain on the surface, it is completely washable.

Will RAID Wasp Spray Stain Siding or Walls?

No. RAID wasp spray will not permanently stain siding although it may temporarily leave a slight residue. The more of it you use, the more noticeable the residue will be. But a permanent stain will not result.

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