Can Dettol Kill Cockroaches (and Other Pests)?

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There are many products available that can be used against cockroaches and other pests. One of the more popular products is Dettol, but is it really that effective?

Let’s look at how it works on several critters, beginning with roaches. We’ll also discuss some precautions that need to be taken when using this product.

Does Dettol Kill Cockroaches?

Yes, Dettol can kill cockroaches. It can be used as an effective insecticide against American or German cockroaches, as well as most other species. However, it will not kill the eggs or prevent roaches from entering your home.

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Best of all, this product is fast-acting, killing roaches in as little as a minute or two.

Does Dettol Repel Cockroaches?

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Not only is Dettol an effective cockroach killer, it can also be used as an effective repellent. It contains the chemical chloroxylenol, which is often used in household disinfectants. While generally non-toxic, this chemical has a strong odor that roaches seem to hate.

How Can Dettol Kill Cockroaches if They Avoid It?

The trick here is to actually hit them with it. Getting Dettol on their bodies will result in them trying to clean it off. Once ingested, death is imminent.

Does Dettol Kill Insects Besides Cockroaches?

In short, yes. However, the same rule applies: Spray around to repel, spray directly on to kill. Here are some other common insect pests and how to use this product against them.

Does Dettol Kill Ants?

Yes, but you’ll have to be careful which ants you try to kill with it. Some species, such as Argentine ants, will become panicked if several workers suddenly drop dead from getting sprayed. This will end up making the infestation worse.

However, if you’re able to identify the ants as a species that isn’t prone to panic breeding, this can be a very effective means to kill any ants that wander into view. You can also use this against all species as a means to override their scent trails by wiping a bit of Dettol across known travel areas.

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Does Dettol Kill Bed Bugs?

In theory, this product can kill bed bugs – IF you can hit them, that is. Regularly cleaning your bedframe with Dettol may help prevent them from taking shelter in the cracks and crevices.

When paired with a mattress cover and some petroleum jelly on the legs, you might be able to greatly reduce the symptoms of an infestation.

Does Dettol Kill Flies?

Yes, it will eliminate flies if you manage to spray it directly on them. Since these pests can be quick, you might have better luck using it on surfaces as a repellent instead.

Can I Use Dettol for Mosquitoes?

You can make an effective repellent lotion by mixing one part Dettol to three parts baby oil. However, be aware that it has a strong smell and can feel very greasy.

Does Dettol Kill Lizards?

Dettol can kill geckos and other lizards if you hit them in the face. Simply mix 1 part Dettol with 10 parts water in a spray bottle. It typically takes 5-10 minutes for them to start feeling the effects of a direct hit.

Does Dettol Kill Spiders?

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Both Dettol antiseptic and Dettol multi surface cleaner can kill spiders if you get a direct hit. However, Terro and other spider-specific products will work quicker and be more effective overall.

That said, using these products to kill or repel a spider’s prey will result in them moving on to greener pastures.

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Bonus: How Long Can You Keep Diluted Dettol?

We’ve mentioned diluting Dettol a few times. Whether using it as an insect killer spray or a topical repellent, diluting can reduce a product’s shelf life. Technically, diluted Dettol can still be used indefinitely. However, it will begin losing some of its potency after a few weeks.