Hoppy Trails! (How to Catch and Relocate Frogs to a Different Area)

catch relocate frog

You’ve discovered that there’s a frog (or many) on your property. While you have no intention of harming the creature(s), the night-time croaking has become unbearable or you simply don’t want the frog around so close. The frog needs to go. But how do you catch and relocate frogs to a different area while doing … Read more

How to Identify Skunk Poop (With Pictures)

Skunks are notorious for their nasty smelling spray, but did you know their droppings can also pose health risks? Here’s how to identify skunk poop and what to do if you find it on your property. What Does Skunk Poop Look Like? Skunk droppings have several particular features that can help you identify them: Shape … Read more

You Really Don’t Need That Opossum Trap

opossum on fence

Don’t be embarrassed if you were startled by an opossum in your yard and felt scared by his pointy-toothed, hissing snarl! That’s a common reaction, and it typically leads to a search for an opossum trap to take care of a perceived need for opossum removal. But here’s the thing. It’s all just a big … Read more

How to Set a Mouse Trap Without Getting Hurt

finger in mouse trap

Few things are as jolting as the loud snap of a mouse trap. While effective at catching mice, common snap traps can also catch fingers and hands if not set properly. There’s an art to properly setting a mouse trap, from choosing the right bait to using the right technique when pulling back the spring-loaded … Read more

13 Skunk Facts That Will Leave You Holding Your Breath

skunk facts

They won’t win any sweetest smell awards, they’ll damage our gardens by nibbling on all kinds of vegetation, and topple over trash cans in search of food. Skunks get a bad rap but there’s more to them than meets the eye.  Read on for some eyebrow-raising science as we look at 13 revelations about Pepé … Read more

Pepé Le Pew is Back! How to Keep Skunks Out of Your Yard

Few backyard pests bring the same level of anxiety and dread as catching a whiff of skunk. Whether you’ve been noticing an unpleasant musky smell coming from under your porch or deck or have seen telltale signs of skunks foraging in your garden or digging for grubs in your lawn, you’ll want to take action. … Read more

Found a Snake In Your Basement? (Here’s What To Do)

snake in basement

After getting to the bottom of your basement stairs, being greeted by a slithering snake is not something you’d ever expect happening. But in some areas, it can. While your instinct may be to flee, take caution before reacting. Should you discover a snake slinking around the depths of your home, don’t automatically assume burning … Read more

Skunk Den Identification and How to Get Rid of One

skunk habitat

Skunks are non-aggressive animals famous for their unique self-defense mechanism. Their smelly spray has a distinct, easily recognizable odor. If you often catch a whiff of this smell around your home, a skunk may have made a den nearby. Let’s learn more about where skunks live, how to identify a skunk den, and how to … Read more

What Happens If My Cat Eats a Poisoned Cockroach?

cat eats poisoned cockroach

Cats are skilled hunters, but one day my cat ate a cockroach and it made me think: What if my cat eats a cockroach that’s been exposed to insecticide? The good news is they’ll probably be okay, but you should still watch for signs of poisoning. Let’s take a closer look at what happens if … Read more